About This Project

It’s so easy to gloss over the wonders that are all around us. We’re so accustom to the fact that the sky is blue and the grass is green, we lose interest in asking why. A child’s curiosity knows no bounds, however, so if you want to learn a thing or two, why not take a cue from a kid? That’s No Buffalo attempts to learn about the world around us by taking inspiration from a child. When they ask “why is the sky blue”, our mission will be to refrain from responding with answers like “it just is”, and instead allow ourselves to become excited. Why IS the sky blue? We’ll dive into the science behind these questions, and we’ll let a child lead the way as our topic generator. Nothing will be too insignificant to explore on this journey.

Join us as we travel back to a time when everything was worth considering.

Let’s see what we can accidentally discover together.